Purchasing Process


  • This is the fun part.  You can walk through our showroom to see full-size slabs of Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Quartzite.  You can take your time and view the amazing options.
  • You will need an appointment to meet with a sales rep and or to look at any remnants. This is so that we can be sure to have someone available to walk you through the process.


  • Bring in a sketch of your project with measurements, this is to help us determine how much material is needed.
  • Bring in samples of your cabinet, wall color, backsplash, flooring or anything that would help you make your decision.
  • The more you can bring, the more accurate the estimate will be.


  • Our sales representative will discuss your project with you and help determine what material best suites you.
  • They will go over edge profiles, backsplash, sink, and faucet layout.
  • They will also explain the three kinds of finishes: Polished (glossy / shiny), Honed (matte), and Brushed / Leathered ( textured)
  • Once they have gathered your information they will email you an estimate. (Should take 24-48 hours) NOTE: this is an estimate from the information provided, square footage can change based off of measurements from your measure.
  • Your template and installation will be included in the estimate given to you.


  • After you reviewed your estimate and choose to proceed, sign/date and email/fax your contract.
  • A 50% deposit is due to hold your material and schedule your measure/install.
  • We accept credit cards, cash, personal check or certified check only.


  • Our expert comes to the site to measure using cutting edge laser templating tools.
  • Please remove ALL items from the counters, the laser needs a clear view to work effectively.
  • If you are providing a sink, it must be there. Farm/Apron sinks must be installed/secured to cabinet.
  • Communicate details pertaining to the job such as seams, overhang, faucet, sink, radius for corners, etc.


  • Measurements are given to our programmer and create the layout.
  • Our sales rep will call you to confirm info such as final square footage, faucet info, edge or last minute questions.
  • Once the sales rep confirms your order our programmer sets your order for our fabrication equipment.


  • Data from the programmer is taken for cutting and fabrication.
  • Your slab is delivered to our fabrication room.


  • Our specialists inspect the pieces and make sure the quality is top notch.


  • Please clear a straight path to the install area to reduce the distance the installers need to carry it.
  • Be sure to empty any cabinets below the countertop installation area as there can be dust accumulating during this time. We will vacuum but this will help you keep your personal belongings from becoming dusty.
  • You countertop is delivered and installed.
  • It will be sealed at the end of the installation.
  • Please allow silicone 24 hours to fully dry.
  • Remaining balance is due on day of installation.
  • NOTE: Install times are between 8AM – 5PM.
  • We can try to give you a time frame but can change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please plan full day for install.